Tethering your iPhone


In the past week a number of breakthroughs have emerged on the iPhone but the most exciting of those is the ability to tether you Jesus phone to a laptop in blatant disregard of AT&T terms of service which apparently doesn’t like it when their customers use the services they pay for. Not sure how this would actually violate restrictions that are in place in regards to the actual iPhone device because I would hope that you could do virtually anything you wanted up to and including blending it to generate lots of youtube viewers.

So feel free to stick it to the man with a procedure created by the good folks over at cre.ations.net. The most ironic part of the process is they created the hack on a Windows based laptop and that just has to get Jobs in a hissy fit not seen since he was forced out of running Apple in 1985. Yet its possible he might actually approve of the hack considering he and Wozniak went into business briefly in 1974 to build a device that allowed illicit free long distance calls.

Those same good folks have now added the procedure to do this with a mac and this just might cause some Apple Fan Boys to literally explode in utter delight. So look for slightly soiled mac books and iPhones on Ebay and Craigslist posted there by their next of kin. The same thing might happen to someone actually trying to make this happen as it is complicated and prone to error messages of varying degrees of fubar.

One drawback is that AT&T has a data service that borders on ridiculously slow and might as well have that irritating modem sound associated with to alert anyone that a website might need quite some time to load, which might remind people of surfing on the iPhone. One of course one could turn off pictures and animations on their browser settings to allow for faster load times and an overall more pleasant surfing experience.

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