Apple sued over iPhone battery


A class action lawsuit has been filed over the iPhone battery in a number of aspects. First is the fact that Apple didn’t make customers aware that the battery was not able to be replaced by the user, second was that the battery has a life of 300 charges and that equates to only a year of use which will then cause the owner to spend roughly 20% on a yearly basis to get a replacement that will result in Apple erasing all your data. Third is that unknown to the Plaintiff, and undisclosed to the public, prior to purchase, the iPhone is a sealed unit and that cost of a loaner phone is $29.95 and the battery itself is $80.

This doesn’t sound like a lawsuit that has much merit but this isn’t the kind of news Apple was hoping to get in relation to its already well publicized battery problems. This is a revolutionary device and with all that it has to power, this is not a shock to be hearing of a problem like this on the first version but I cant imagine spending $600 and then hearing you’ll need to spend roughly $120 within the first 18 months.

This is one of the areas that has always been a downside in being an Apple customer, they have notoriously overpriced replacement parts and unlike PC’s they don’t allow open competition. You are already aware of this if you’ve ever had to purchase some extra RAM for your iMac and nearly fainted when you saw the price. When looking around for replacement parts for similar devices I found a huge discrepancies in comparisons to the Jesus Phone.

BlackBerry Curve Battery $44.99 [Link]

T-Mobile MDA $29.99 [Link]

Palm Treo 750 $49.99 [Link]

One of the advantages with the BlackBerry is that all their batteries are compatible, this allows for a nice collection to be amassed the more you upgrade your phone. Hopefully this will be corrected with Mark 2 of the iPhone as other than security issues this seems to be the only real complaint that anyone has had.