Is the iPhone the Next Gaming Platform?

Have you heard of the N-Gage?  It is / was a Nokia platform telephone that was designed to play video games.  What about the PSP, have you heard of that?  It is a gaming hand held that now makes Skype telephone calls. Is the iPhone the next cross-over telephone gaming device?

Roughly Drafted Magazine has writen an excellent piece examining this very argument.  The article argues that iPhone 2.0, with the addition of the iPhone SDK, will present a gaming platform that might even rival the great Nintendo Gameboy / DS family.

The author, Daniel Dilger, makes a very interesting case.  He cites the the fact that the iPhone is a very sturdy machine with better specs than the PSP or DS.  Also, he states that the iPhone allows for unique and new control schemes.

Can the iPhone become a gaming giant?  Check out the article and see if you are convinced.  I am.