Would You Buy an iPhone at $199

I have to admit.  My wife and I have already entered negotiations regarding my purchase of the 3G iPhone in June.  Things haven’t been going so well for me.  After all, it was only one year ago that I shelled out nearly $600 dollars for the iPhone that is still in my pocket working perfectly well.

The fine folks at AT&T and Apple might be willing to help me out a little bit.  Fortune.com writer Scott Mortiz is reporting that AT&T is considering subsidizing the iPhone to the tune of $199 if people are willing to sign their lives away for a 2 year contract.  Being realistically, I have always been with AT&T, then Cingular, and now AT&T again.  I have had cell service with them for nearly 8 years (my original cell provider was bought by AT&T as well).  I am not going anywhere at this point.

So, if I can get a new iPhone, complete with haptic feedback, a 3G chipset, and a real GPS for $199, I will be a very happy puppy.

I hope this rumor is true.  Come on, let it be true!.