Are You Sitting Down? A 3G iPhone is Coming.

3G iPhone

I know, it is such a suprise, but it seems that *yawn* a 3G iPhone is in fact coming.  This screenshot was dug out of the newest firmware revision by the fine folks over at

Woo hoo…

Ok, so it is not a surprise, and it is not even official. I don’t know why Apple is dragging their heels so bad on this announcement.  I know that Steve Jobs just loves his *one more thing* speeches, but the world has stolen his thunder on this one.

It would appear that since the 3G settings can be switched, battery concerns are still a part of the iPhone story.  It looks like there is no new battery technology, just a new radio.  My guess is that a 3G iPhone might make it one day on a charge with the 3G radio going strong.

So, my question is… will the 3G iPhone be worth it?  With the new firmware being applicable on current devices, and little else being new on the new phone, is it worth purchasing?

I would love to here your opinion.


Personally, I will probably get one.  I am a geek like that; what about you?