Web App Wednesday – Mostly

EcardsThis week’s Web App isn’t a Web App.  It isn’t even an App; it is, however, one of the best ideas I have heard for a practical use for an iPhone ever.

Over at ‘t is Goud, an intelligent and witty iPhone user has a stupendous plan for slimming down his wallet and organizing his life.  You see, his wallet was like mine – completely filled up with random and limited use membership or club cards.  I have my BestBuy card, Borders card, Blockbuster card, and every crapmart card I can think of.  I can hardly find them when I need them, and I am ruining my sciatic nerve by constantly sitting on my wallet.

The guy over at ‘t is Goudhas scanned in his cards and stored them on his iPhone for ready access and use.  BRILLIANT!  When he needs the card, he opens his iPhone and “whips” out the right card.  No clutter, no pain, and no problem.

I tried this, and it worked with both my Blocbuster card and my BestBuy card.  I plan on scanning in the rest soon.  This concept really pushes the concept of an E-wallet, but I think it is very good.  Thanks for the great tool, it is better than any Web App I have ever seen.