*Semi* Official 3G iPhone Images

iPhone caseiPhone case manufacturer EXO has released images of their new line of iPhone cases, and lo’ and behold, they feature the new 3G iPhone. You will notice that it features a beveled, tapered edge and an additional sensor near the ear piece, and a redesigned speaker grill.

Now, keep in mind that these mock-ups could be mythical.  In fact, it is completely possible that the whole 3G iPhone conspiracy is mythical.  The iPhone in my pocket could even be a myth.  I doubt it though, and I doubt that these mock-ups are too far off of the real thing.  Generally, iPhone case manufacturers get the inside scoop on these things.

If they are true, or even close.  The new iPhone will be a tad bit sexier, sleeker, and a little more phone-like.  We shall see in a matter of weeks.