Web App Wednesday – Gravity Swarm

I am not a “gamer” per se.  I do enjoy a bit of mindless distraction now and then however.  It is for that reason that the iPhone is a great gaming device for me.  Technically, that makes me a casual gamer, and this weeks Web App, Gravity Swarm, is a great casual game.

Gravity Swarm is like the classic game Asteroids, with touchscreen controls, and on steroids.  I found myself playing it for about 10 minutes while commuting the other day, and it helped the time pass flawlessly.

In the game, you play the triangle (I said it was like Asteroids) that is really a space ship.  The polygons (which are a lot like Asteroids) are flying around trying to destroy you.  Your mission is to blast them into small polygons while avoiding them.  Eventually, you will have completely blown them up and new polygons will attack.  What I like is how you control the game with your finger.  Your ship is constantly firing, and you use the touchscreen to direct and control where you move and where you fire.

Give Gravity Swarm a try. If you are a hardcore gamer, this might entertain you in between hardcore gaming sessions or while on the bus.  If you are a casual gamer like myself, it will be classic fun.