The iPhone is on Da’ Plane – Da’ Plane

Fantasy IslandWell . . . technically they are on a ship.  To be super-technical, we don’t know if the iPhone is even on the ship.  That’s why I used the Fantasy Island title.  These 3G iPhone rumors are just shy of fantasy.

None the less, Import Genius, a company that tracks the import industry has a blog dedicated to import news (yep, imports), is reporting that Apple has imported 188 crates of “electric computers” since mid March.  This may not sound odd, but the label “electric computers” has never been used by Apple before on customs declarations.  The geniuses at Import Genius did the math and that number of shipping crates could equal over 7 million iPhone units.

They combine the shipping news with dwindling iPhone supply, and the fact that some of these crates are Canada-bound to deduce that these are probably the 3G iPhone.  I would say, since they are geniuses and all, they are probably on to something.  I am not going to be hopping in line anytime soon though.