Web App Wednesday – Day Late Edition

It’s Thursday, I understand.  Web App Wednesday is a day late, and you would be very upset with me except that you forgot what day it is too.  Life gets busy and you don’t have time to get mad about something like this.  There are things to do!

Which is why on this Web App Wednesday Thursday, I thought it would be good to cover noter, a great to do /  list maker application from the fine folks over at dBelement. As a side note, dBelement has a slew of great iPhone apps for you to check out.  I highly recommend a visit.

At any rate, there on a synapse, deep within my mind was a small note regarding Web App Wednesday.  I swore I would remember, but then Wednesday came and went without a whimper and without a Web App review. Had I been using noter, maybe that wouldn’t have happened.

The interface for noter is simple and elegant and well suited for the iPhone. After logging in, or creating an account, you are able to add items to a list, color code them, remove items, and keep things generally organized.  The app is designed simply, and it does its few tasks exceedingly well.  If you choose to become a subscriber, you can sync all of your notes to the dBelement servers for backup.  Subscriptions cost $7 per six months – all in all, a great deal.

If you are reading this on a Thursday, and find yourself surprised that it is in fact not Wednesday, run to noter right away; you need it desperately.  If you are simply looking for a simple list-maker, noter will work as well.