Blackberry Up, iPhone Down According to Recent Report

This is all about to change, I just know it, but for now it seems that the iPhone lost a little steam last quarter in the smartphone market. We both know the iPhone is about to be reborn, and with the return of iPhone 2.o, Apple’s market share will surge.

According to the report, published by IDC (a data collection firm), Research In Motion had a bumper quarter. At the same time, the iPhone slipped a bit. RIM’s piece of Apple’s pie rose from 35.1% to 44.5%. Apple slipped from 26.7% to 19.2%.

These numbers don’t represent a crisis for Apple or a boon for RIM, but it does signal that RIM has some fancy hardware and usable software. The 3G iPhone, with the 2.0 firmware, and an amazing application library will Blackberry’s Curvy Pearl.