Web App Wednesday – Stripr On Your iPhone

Now don’t get to excited, I wrote Stripr, not Stripper – there is a difference; this isn’t that kind of web app and this isn’t that kind of website.

What Stripr can do is present various comics (and other RSS feeds and webistes) in a well formated, straight-forward, and iPhone friendly layout. Stripr is geared, as a default, with a selection of comics from both mainstream and not-so-mainstream sources.  If you are looking for a quick Dilbert feed on the run, formated especially for your iPhone, then Stripr is the site for you.

Stripr comes to you from the geniuses over at dBelement, they have a fine collection of iPhone web apps – some I have reviewed before.

Using  Stripr couldn’t be easier; you simply head over to the site and login.  As a default, you will see a collection of comic titles.  When you click a title, the comic will load – preformated for your iPhone viewing pleasure.  At the top of the page, you can switch categories, and at the bottom of the page, you can customize your list and even add new RSS feeds.

Some of you might use the Google Reader for iPhone.  If not, or if you are looking for an alternative to the Google universe, give Stripr a try.  I have been impressed by it.