AT&T Gives up the Scoop on iPhone Upgrades  got their gadget crazy hands on an internal memo regarding the iPhone upgrade and details.

Some of this information was expected, but some was a bit of a surprise.  The short of it:

  • 3G iPhones will cost $30 for a data plan (up from $20) – that’s the same as a BlackBerry Plan.
  • The Enterprise Data plan will run $45 – $15 more than a BlackBerry Plan
  • 3G iPhones will only be activated in store – no more “revolutionary” iTunes activations.
  • 3 iPhones per customer.
  • iPhone will be $199 for 8gb and $299 for 16gb.  That is UPGRADE PRICE only.  It would seem that current iPhone owners who are in good standing instantly qualify for the upgrade price.  There is currently now non-upgrade price listed.

Yes, you are correct.  Even though the iPhone will be $200 dollars cheaper than it currently is, it will cost you $40 dollars more to own over the course of the 2 year contract.  That difference jumps to $600 dollars more to own over the 2 year contract if you are an Enterprise Plan user – ouch.

If you want to read the entire article in all of its internal secretness, head over to Gizmodo.comstraight away.