iTunes $.99 Movie of the Week – Mamet Edition

Dave Mamet is a great director and producer. In fact, I am dying for his television show “The Unit” to come back and entertain. Until then, I get another Mamet movie for $.99 from iTunes (last week was a Mamet movie as well). This week, “House of Games” (Warning: iTunes Link) is available for less than a dollar.

Here is the official description:

It’s the shrink vs. the shark in the ultimate mind game! Starring Oscar nominee Lindsay Crouse (The Insider) and Joe Montegna (The Godfather III) as an unlikely team of conartists, this “witty and devious” (Time) psychological thriller is Oscar nominee** David Mamet’s directorial debut. It’s an “extraordinary” (Newsweek) and “thrilling funhouse” (New York Post) of mental gamesmanship that will keep you guessing until its exciting end! When a suicidal patient reveals that his gambling debt has him at the end of his rope, dedicated psychiatrist Margaret Ford (Crouse) enters into the shadowy underground world of gaming to help him out. At a seedy casino, she boldly confronts Mike (Montegna), the con man who holds her patient’s markers. Duped into a high-stakes poker match, Margaret becomes intoxicated by Mike’s mastery, as he both cheats at the game and charms her. She quickly falls for him, turning a blind eye to the fact that he’s a swindler who can’t be trusted. And before long she finds herself sparring in a mental poker match of the heart with deadly consequences!

If you would like to check out another Mamet movie – his first, then head over to iTunes right away. It is available from Jun. 10, 2008 – Jun. 17, 2008.

Don’t forget, soon you’ll be watching this on your 3G iPhone!