Web Application Wednesday Quixotic and Ubiquitous Edition

That’s some good vocabulary isn’t it?  You can tell that I am a professional writer.  Either that, your you can tell I have a good dictionary.  To be honest, the later is true.  But, after reading today’s Web Application review, you can use big words to.

Today’s web application I would recommend is Elegant Words: The Ubiquitous Dictionary .  Since I use the application, I know that ubiquitous means being everywhere – all the time.  Those two adjectives – elegant and ubiquitous – describe this web application quite nicely.  The application is designed very well, and it works very fast.  Like the dictionary application in OS X, Elegant Words: The Ubiquitous Dictionary will easily allow you to look up synonyms and antonyms with just a click poke.

The application is especially nice when I am reading or scribbling away in my journal, away from my computer, and I need to check out the spelling or meaning of a word.  I just whip out my utilitarian and adroit iPhone and check out a word.  The dictionary is almost ubiquitous – I guess that is where the name came from.

Head over to Elegant Words: The Ubiquitous Dictionary   and give the application a try.  It is useful, educational and free.  What more could you want in a lexicon guide (dictionary)