iPhone Application Costs on Target

A few weeks ago, I asked what you were willing to pay for an iPhone application.

Well, an industry insider, Gene Munster, had the same question.  He did some digging at WWDC and found the following:

  • The average price for an iPhone app is $2.29.
  • 71% of iPhone apps will be free.
  • 50% of developers plan to write iPhone/iPod Touch-only compatible programs, while another 50% will also provide a desktop OS X equivalent.
  • From those 50% of iPhone/iPod Touch-only developers, 15% want to write programs for location-based services (which actually seems impossible, due to new information that just surfaced), 10% are aiming for entertainment programs, 10% want to make games, while 15% are concentrating on Enterprise apps.

In reality, free is a great price, but $2.29 – 3.99 isn’t so bad either.  The games like SuperMonkey ball, rolling in at $9.99 seems a bit steep, but if the quality is there, I can support the cost.  After all, I paid $29.99 for the same game on a hand held system.  It would be more fun on the iPhone.

I am excited to see what free apps there will be out there.  Loopt seems exciting, as does some of the streaming media applications.  Once the iPhone is downloading 3G, streaming media will be a killer application in my humble opinion.