Web Appplication Wednesday – Restaurant Edition

This weeks web application review features a nifty little social-networking restaurant review site.  Restaurant Ratingz, by Interon Software, combines food, reviews, and a digg-like rating system into a handy and speedy guide to eating in your town.

Now, to be fair, there might not be a restaurant review for every town in the nation, but that is no ones fault but your own.  After all, that is how social-networking works.  It is the responsibility of the users to add more data and keep it alive.

Restaurant Ratingz loads very quickly, and is formated quite well for my little screen.  Also, even though I live in a relatively small town, I was able to find a few great reviews on local hot spots.  Entering new reviews is also very quick and simple in the web widget.

Head on over to Restaurant Ratingz if you are looking for a smart, fast, and well designed place to spend 2 cents, or, if you want, add your own.