iPhones Work with Windows Too

On this blog I am guilty of being Apple-centric.  I admit it, and I’m sorry.  I keep forgetting that there are many iPhone users that actually use Microsoft Windows.  That being said – this post is for you.

Mark/Space has relased The Missing Sync for iPhone (for Windows).  If you aren’t familiar with Mark/Space (if you are not an Apple user, you might not) they have cooked up all sorts of wonderul syncing applications.  The Missing Sync for iPhone (for Windows) congregates all of your data, including SMS, notes, call log, and notes.  It then syncs this information with your PC.  Another good thing about this software is that, if you are not an iPhone user, but soon will be, it will push all of your current information from a Blackberry, Windows Mobile device, or a palm device to your new iPhone 3G.

There you go Windows users, I hope you forgive me.  If there is any Windows / iPhone love I have missed, let me know and I will gladly cover it.