iPhone to Come in Edible Eco-Friendly Packaging

 Creative Commons License photo credit: homemadeoriginals

When you pick up a brand-spanking new iPhone 3G, it will come in a potato starch based tray.  These are the same package inserts made for Motorola by Dutch firm PaperFoam.  

This comes in response to Apple, among other big tech firms, to be more eco-friendly and green.Now, I am not saying that the package should be eaten, but it will be edible. Your iPhone could provide you with the much needed calories to surf the web extra fast.

The new package will consist of the edible tray, a fully recyclable and recycled cardboard box.  This new packaging scheme will reduce the Apple carbon footprint on this product by nearly 90%.  If you want to read more about this tasty package, check out the UK register.