Web App Wednesday – Out of this World Edition

 Creative Commons License photo credit: …Tim

I have always been a bit turned on by space.  I remember, as a kid, watching the space shuttle launches.  I have also seen all of the major tragedies of the space shuttles.  I have even cheered on the little Mars Rovers that could as they went on for months and years passed their expected lifespan.

That is what makes this week’s web app so cool.  The Phoenix Mars Mission web app is keeping up with the lastest space project on Mars.  So far, the Pheonix has made some awsome discoveries including what is to believed to be ice.  There has also been a collection of awsome images sent back by the craft.

The Phoenix Mars Mission web app keeps track of the mission in real time feeding up any and all RSS feeds from NASA.  It also features a Mars weather report which I think is just awsome.  If you are into space at all, check out the Phoenix Mars Mission web app.  You won’t be dissapointed.