iPhone Week Is Here!

I have been on vacation for a week, and it was amazing; the iPhone hype was everywhere.  So, there I was, sitting on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, checking my email, when a fellow tourist leans over and asks me about the new iPhone coming out soon.

In the airport, on the way back from Texas, I counted no less then four conversations about the iPhone 3G.  Weird.  I don’t remember any gadget – EVER – being the topic of conversation like the iPhone 3G is. Personally, however, Firmware 2.0 is the bigger news.

The new firmware, combined with MobileMe, will make for an amazing phone experience.  I am still on the fence with the new iPhone.  I have to work on Friday, and will not be able to be in line (which is already forming in the Denver area).   I think I will give the new firmware a spin on my trusty iPhone 1.0 and see how it roles.  Then, in a few weeks, when the demand slows down a bit, I will go an play with a new one and see what I think.

How about you?  What is your iPhone purchasing plan?