Apple iPhone Market Share Grows and Grows

Pick a big number between 1 and 328.  If your number was 327, then you guessed the size of increase of the iPhone’s market share in the smartphone market.  That is not a typo, the i

Phone’s worldwide iPhone market share tripled.  On a worldwide scale, Apple is still lagging behind Nokia and Research in Motion.  Rounding out the top five is HTC and sharp.

If you look specifically of the US, Apple is in a cool second place.  They lag only behind RIM’s Blackberry monster.  I don’t see that trend changing much because the economy’s continued meltdown.  Phone sales will stagnate as money goes away.

In a related note, WalMart might be selling an iPhone for $99 soon.  This looks like it is much more than a rumor because there are training materials floating around.  If WalMart really is selling an iPhone for so cheap, then their market share will likely explode in the US.

via MacWorld