Could this Be the New Mac Mini Someday?

Ars Technica has released information on a hidden framework tucked inside of the latest iPhone 2.2 SDK.  Apparently, using the right application hooks, you can push iPhone application output to a television instead of the iPhone screen.  Here is a video documenting their successes with Moto Chaser:

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Now, follow me here.  What if you could convince the iPhone to be buddy-budy with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  Then, using cloud computing applications like Google Apps or Evernote, you could use the iPhone for real-life computing needs like word-processesing.  Then, as Ars Technica has already pointed out, you could output your data to a monitor or television.  You could technically have a Pocket-Mac.

Now, all Apple would have to do is beef up the iPhone just a bit to make it as hardy as any run-of-the-mill Netbook running Windows XP or Linux.  You would also have a machine that makes the Current Mac Mini look like a gigantic beast.  Even if that is not the direction that the Apple team is going in, I am sure that someone is thinking about it.  I am excited by the possibilities.

via Macrumors.