Sim City iPhone is On Its Way

Sim City iPhoneAny self-respecting video game player, hobbyist, or computer user over 25 knows about the Sim City Series.  You know, those are the games where control freaks like myself can build and destroy empires.  With Sim City, ordinary folks can be as capricious and whimsical as the gods. Now, EA is putting that power at your fingertips – literally.

Set to hit sometime this month (EA isn’t saying when; I don’t blame them with the way Apple manages their timeline), EA is promising iPhone users a full-blown version of Sim City.  EA has said that this will not be Sim City Light, and that it will be on par with Sim City 3000.

I would be shocked if the games was priced anything but $9.99.  I would also be shocked if I didn’t plop down my money for it when it hits the App Store later this month.

Via Gizmodo