Pull My Finger No Longer Pulled from App Store

itunes-1.jpgYes, this is a victory, but I am not sure how glad I am the battle has been won.  If you have been tracking the Apple App store, then you know that one of the largest criticisms has been the capricious way that applications have been approved and denied.  One of the victims of Apple’s whim was “Pull My Finger.”

This gaseous app was denied for what was labeled functionality.  Yes, I admit that a farting application is not that useful, but is a Koi pond or Magic 8 ball any more useful?  What about my pocket light saber?  What does it do?  Well it turns out that “Pull My Finger” was banned, not because of limited functionality, but because it was slightly off-color, and Apple didn’t know what to do with that.

Apple has decided to create a new class (low class?) applications.  And you guessed it – “Pull My Finger” is the vanguard NSFW Apple iPhone Application.  Like I said, a battle has been won, but was it the right hill to die on?

via TUAW