Two Worlds Collide – Microsoft and iPhone Sittin’ in a Tree

If you felt the earth shift oddly today, it might have been because Microsoft has released a native application for the Apple iPhone.  That’s right – Microsoft of Windows Mobile fame has released an iPhone application.  What is next, and why is that pig flying?

Sea Dragon Mobile, [warning – iTunes link] an ultra-high resolution image viewing application is both free and available now at the iTunes store.  With Sea Dragon you can view images in the giga-pixel range and zoom into them ridiculously close.  The process is both smooth and quick.  Sea Dragon is also available on PC’s via the Silver Light engine.

I hope this is a harbinger of things to come.  Whether you hate Microsoft or love them, certain things like a native Microsoft Office Mobile version would be nice to have on the iPhone.

via Macrumors.
Creative Commons License photo credit: gwen