Cheap iPhone 3G – Not Free Just $149

Get them while they are hot.  Right now, over at the AT&T store, you can get yourself a refurbished iPhone 3G (8GB) for a mere $149.  That is a great price if you don’t mind the refurb.  They are promised to be in working condition (all returned within the 30 day window), and come with a 90 day or more warranty.  I don’t know where the “or more” part comes from, but you will most likely be safe.

The 16GB unit is running $249.  If you don’t mind taking advantage of someone else’s buyers remorse, then head over to the AT&T store with your credit card.  By the way, I own several Apple products, and they are ALL refurbished.  I have never been disappointed with the quality of a refurbished Mac device.

via AT&T
Creative Commons License photo credit: zebra.paperclip