Blogging on the iPhone

image818213249.jpgThis isn’t do much of a review, but more of a test. You see, I am going in vacation for a week, and I don’t want to take my MacBook with me, so I bought iBlogger from the iTunes store. Here is my first post using it, and it works pretty darn well.

First, iblogger had absolutely no problem with syncing up to the iPhone blog. IBlogger lists a slew of blogging platforms that the editor works with including blogger, WordPress, and MovableType.

Also, creating a new post is very simple. I am forced to type on the portrait keypad, I would much rather be typing on the landscape keyboard, but it is managable. I was even able to take a snapshot with my iPhone camera an include it in the post (and annoy my wife).

I would say that iBlogger works as promised, and is a reasonable live-blogging tool. If you are looking for a piece of software that can sync with many blogging systems, handle some robust editing, and image inserting, give iBlogger a try.