iPhones Are at WalMart Now

It’s official – WalMart is selling the iPhone.  My favorite phone and yours is selling for $2 under the Apple Store price – that’s $197 for the math impaired.  I honestly don’t know how I feel about this.

I have been an iPhone owner since I purchased the original on the first day it was available.  I remember feeling quite unique in that I had the coolest phone on the planet, and I was one of the very few.  Then the 3G hit the scene, and I was one of the 10 or 12 million people on this planet that had an iPhone. Now that WalMart is on the block, EVERYONE is going to have one.

Does that make the iPhone any less of a phone?  Of course not.  If anything, it helps me now that so many people will have one.  I won’t get robbed or beaten for my iPhone.  Also, developers are going to go nuts now that EVERYONE has an iPhone and the great apps will keep coming.  My being bothered is part of the Apple elitism that Apple Fanboys are always being accused of.

How do you feel about the iPhone at WalMart?  Are you an elitist like me or are you a better person?

Creative Commons License photo credit: *Grant*