What is the iPhone Nano?

iphonenano.jpgIf you have been tracking the internets, then you are aware of the rumors regarding the iPhone Nano.  It seems iPhone case manufacturers across the globe are teasing and prepping protective cases for the mythical iPhone Nano.  But, what is it?

Is the iPhone not small enough?  Would it be good to have an iPhone with limited capabilities?  I am assuming that the iPhone Nano would be an iPod, run a basic internet browser, maps, and address book.  I think something would have to give… many of the applications would not work out so well, and the GPS would have to go.  Would it be worth it?

I think there is some substance to the rumors, after all, it is the case developers that released the first specs on the iPhone 3G.  Personally, I do not like the Nano concept.  If anything, I would prefer an iPhone Grande – a tablet iPhone if you will.

via Macrumors