Happy New Year – The iPhone Has Your Back

Happy New Year!  If you are anything like me, New Year means resolutions, and resolutions mean getting back into shape.  Good thing I have the iPhone to help me out.  Here are a few of the health applications I have taken for a spin lately.

My Weight Loss Coach
[ iTunes link] – This one is a paid app, but it is worth it.  This little guy is the very similar to the Coach application available for the Nintendo DS.  For $5 you get an iPhone pedometer, food and exercise log, health quiz, mini-games, and health tips.  The design of this application is very well thought out and it works very well. I personally like the part of the application where you set a small reward for your personal wins – I need that kind of motivation.

Lose It! [  iTunes link] – This is a free app that helps you track your eating and calorie intake, exercise planner, and weight tracker.  It is a bit rough around the edges when compared to My Weight Loss Coach, but it is free.  The food library is pretty complete, and you can add custom foods to the database.  The application works like a budget calculator for your body.  Overall, it is pretty nice.

iFitness – [  iTunes link]  – If food isn’t your problem, but exercise is; then IFitness is for you.  iFitness is an extensive database of exercises, their uses, and instructions on how to do them.  The application also features a log for tracking your progress. The iFitness also includes a series of workouts that have been designed by fitness experts.  You get all of this for $1 – not bad.  If the exercise database doesn’t include your specific mode of <strike>torture</strike> exercise, you can add your own.

So, Happy New Year – get off your butt and enjoy it.
Creative Commons License photo credit: pimpexposure