MacWorld Hits This Week – iPhone Users Rejoice Then Weep Silently

MacWorld San Francisco ‘09 begins this week without Steve Jobs doing the keynote.  In case you missed the news a few weeks back, this will also be the last MacWorld that Apple Plays in.  It seems that Apple does a good enough job creating a hypefest with their own internal releases and the rabid internet, so they are leaving the trade shows to fester in their own waste.

Of course no one knows what is being announced this week, but there are a few rumors.  Some think the iPhone Nano is going to hit the streets, while others attest to an iPod Grande.  I hope that new firmware for the iPhone is announce that allows for the mythical background notification service.

Rumors are also swirling about some less “iPhone-ish” product lines; the Mac Mini and iMac are due for some love, and the iWork and iLife Suites might just be moving into the cloud.  If the shift for the iLife products does in fact happen, it might mean some cool access for us iPhone users.

Look for the Apple keynote on Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.