Not Much iPhone at Macworld…

20090106416There were rumors about a few iPhone secrets that might have been released at Macworld 2009, but you know what your mom said about rumors…  There was no 32GB iPhone, no iPhone Nano, and no iPod Grande.  None the less, it never hurts to catch up on the latest and greatest Apple has to offer.

If you did not catch the life feed of the keynote, here is a link.  The most iPhone had to celebrate was a restructuring of the way the DRM from the iTunes store would work; almost all of the iTunes songs will be offered DRM free, with a variable pricing scheme.  Also, the iTunes store works from the iPhone on 3G now, and if you are a Keynote user; there is a handy Keynote remote application over at the App Store for $.99.

Now, it is decidedly note an iPhone related piece of news, but feel free to drool over the new 17 Inch MacBook Pro.  It is one mean, sexy machine.
Creative Commons License photo credit: tnkgrl