Real Cloud Computing Soonr Than Later

I have used my iPhone to interact with MobileMe quite a bit. Of course I sync files, but I also use MobileFifles to gain access to my iDrive; I have to admit, that it works pretty well, but it is slow, cumbersome, and lacking in several areas. For example, I wish I could print from my iPhone, I wish I didn’t have to remember to move stuff up to my iDrive, and I wish it were faster. Well, I have been tinkering around with Soonr [iTunes Link] lately, and I am impressed.

With Sooner, I can have cloud syncronization of files from my home or work Macs. I can also set the desktop client up to automatically back specific folders or files to my cloud. The cool part is that I can also print to my home printer from the iPhone. Soonr also allows me to share my data with other users with a text message. The client side piece is both Mac and Windows friendly, and while I can’t attest to the Windows client; the Mac client works great.

Check out the demo video below. Pay special attention to the incredible PowerPoint support. It is cool to be able to selectively view and edit a specific page; Soonr speeds up the cloud computing process on the iPhone about 100 times.