Pandora App is Updated – The Best Just Got Better

So, I flipped over to the App Store last night to see what updates were available, and there it was – Pandora 2.0.   I use Pandora far more than any other 3rd Party Application on my phone.  I have virtually replaced the iPod component when I travel or work out; I use Pandora instead.

Pandora 2.0 is a very nice upgrade. Included in the new app is the ability to see the status (progress bar) of your current song, view artist info, a cover flow(ish) history of music that has played, and genre station creation. I also noticed that the sound quality seemed a bit better over 3G then it did previously, but that might just be in my head.

The exciting “hidden feature” of the upgrade will be the ability to buy a song, directly through the iTunes store over the celluar network via Pandora.  Now that the music will be DRM free, Pandora has opened up a world of portable spending shopping.  If you are not one of the 2 Million people that have downloaded Pandora, 2.0 is probably good enough to get you over your inhabitions.