iToner 2.0 Makes Ringtones Easier

I am not the biggest fan of custom ringtones.  Some of them are downright annoying; for example the “Ring, Ring” ringtone from the movie bedtime stories is absolutely horrid, and I love it.  I also am a big fan of the TV show “The Unit,” and I have a ringtone of the opening song as well.

Before, ringtones were a bit of a pain.  The unlucky few bought them on iTunes, the enterprising used GarageBand, and the risky downloaded ringtones trough Cydia.  Now, Ambrosia, the makers of iToner, have released 2.0 of their original ringtone app, and not only does it sync the ringtones, but it helps you create them as well.

The interface could not be more simple.  The UI looks just like an iPhone. To sync a ringtone, simply drag it to the application and press the sync button in the program.  If you would like to edit the ringtone, simply use the cut icon to cut down the sound file.  It couldn’t be easier.  Download iToner here for a free trial.  Registration will cost $15.