iPhone Rumors – Now with Multiple Cores

shhhhWow, what would the Apple-sphere be without rampant and unfounded rumors. Whether it is an iPhone Nano, or a iPod Grande, it is rumors that make Apple Fanboyism so much fun. The latest iPhone rumor revolves around the (rumored) new hardware version set to be (rumored) released in late (rumored) 2009. The iPhone 3.0 is (rumored) to be on its way to development.

The next hardware revision, according to the Macworld 2009 rumor mill, is said to contain a multi-core processor. The current iPhone processor already rivals the best that a gaming handheld has to offer. A multi-core processor would take the iPhone gaming and computing platform to a staggering new level.

According to ZDnet, the iPhone 3.0 firmware will support quad-core processing protocols. In essence, that puts the iPhone on the processing level of the early 2007 MacBooks. That, would be something to see if this rumor actually becomes reality.

Source ZDnet
Creative Commons License photo credit: friskybiznus