Even More 3G iPhone Details – Wowweee!

WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) is set for June, and the people who know people who know people are reporting that Steve Jobs will be launching the 3G iPhone during the conference.

According to the people who know people who know people, the new iPhone won’t just be faster, it will be thinner (by about 2.5 mm) and it will be encased in a more “high end” case.  Yes, it will still be encased and therefore there will be no user replaceable battery still, but I am ok with that.

According to the article, and other industry sources (not my sources mind you), the price will remain at $399 (8 GB) and $499 (16 GB) depending on storage capacity, but there is a rumor bouncing around regarding a $599 (32 GB) version.  I am not sure I need to spend $599 on an iPhone (again) just to get 32 Gigs out of it.  I will be happy with 3G speeds.

Web App Wednesday

Web AppsHere is a perfect example of how to use a great Web App.  I am currently on vacation; and I did not bring my MacBook.  I do, of course, have my iPhone.  I do have a slew of podcasts that I like, and a bunch of others that I use to help pacify entertain my kids.

That’s where Podcaster comes in.  With Podcaster, you can search, and watch or listen to podcasts without having to sync your iPhone with iTunes. The podcasts load via streaming, and are playable on demand.  The cool thing about this is that they don’t even need to take up real estate in your iPhone memory.

To load streaming podcasts, simply point your browser to  http://www.podcaster.fm/.  At this point you can create an account or simply browse and stream without an account.  You can search for a specific podcast, browse them by most popular, search by provider, search by category, or simply search.

When you find the podcast you are looking for, simply start its streaming, and bingo, you are enjoying your daily dose of something brilliant that you can’t live without.  Personally, I like Grammar Girl, but my daughter loves Ultra Kawaii – or is that the other way around???

iTunes $.99 Movie of the Week

Bulletproof Monk (Warning: iTunes Link) is better than Soul Plane, that much is sure, and heck; this week it is only $.99 over at iTunes this week. If you are interested , head over and rent it for a buck. Here is the Amazon review:

Bulletproof Monk centers around a monk with no name (Chow) dedicated to protecting a sacred scroll that can give world-manipulating power to anyone who reads it. A hidden Nazi has been pursuing the scroll for 60 years and has finally caught up with the monk in present-day New York City; meanwhile, the monk suspects he may have found a disciple in a petty thief (Seann William Scott, Dude, Where’s My Car?, American Pie) who’s learned kung fu from watching double-feature chopsocky flicks. Don’t let the presence of Chow Yun-fat lead you to expect much substance–this doesn’t have the emotional scope of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or the visual panache of Hard-Boiled. But Bulletproof Monk is a cheerful, tightly edited, unpretentious action flick with flashes of humor, good for a mindless evening’s entertainment. Also featuring Jaime (a.k.a. James) King (Blow). –Bret Fetzer

So, if no-name monks and Nazi mystics battling it out in New York is your thing, then hurry and rent this bad boy. It will be on sale from Apr. 08, 2008 – Apr. 15, 2008.

Rumor Mill – New iPhone with a New Look?

Possible iPhone?Over at the ipodobserver, they have this photo which they are offering up as the 3G iPhone.  You’ll notice that it is missing the silver / nickel case and sports a sleek and sexy black back. If this is true, then the new iPhone refresh will be pretty darn good looking.

There is, of course, the chance that this thing is a custom mod or even some photoshop witchery that we should be wary about.  At this point, I think there is no denying that the next iPhone is on its way.  What it does, and what it looks like are the only secrets left.  Only time will tell how right all of these rumors are.

More 3G iPhone Speculation – Will it be Christmas in June?

People say that good news comes in threes.  Well, we have three very solid reports that the iPhone hardware revision, complete with access to AT&T’s 3G Data network will be out in June.

First,  there is an apparent iPhone shortage sweeping the nation. Typically, when there is an iPod refresh coming, Apple lets the existing stock dwindle.  This both clears shelf space and creates an artificial demand.

Then,  AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega let it slip that we should anticipate a 3G iPhone in the coming months. Coming months can mean a lot of things, and AT&T may or may not be the expert on these things.

Now, famed tech writer Walt Mossberg, during a press conference, announced that the iPhone will be 3G within 60 days.  Now, Walt is succumbing to the same rampant speculation and rumor mongering that I am, or he is an actual journalist with actual journalistic insight, and he really knows something.  I am betting on the latter.

iPhone Users Tell All

A recent survey by Rubicon Consulting (Warning, PDF download) is giving us volumes of insight into the lives, values and habits of iPhone users. The random survey of a number of iPhone users exposed some great information on you, me, and the rest of the iPhone user universe.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • iPhone users are very satisfied.
  • We use email more than any other function (reading but not writing)
  • 50% of iPhones bought replaced conventional mobile devices, 40% replaced other Smartphones, and 10% were new phone users.
  • 28% of iPhone users have used it to replace a notebook computer.
  • 50% of iPhone users were new to AT&T
  • AT&T is making a BUNCH of money off of iPhone users.

The report also included some interesting facts and statistics regarding how much more iPhone users are willing to pay for the iPhone service. Apparently, my bill wasn’t the only one that went up.

Check out the report for yourself and see if you are just another iPhone statistic. I was.

Web App Wednesday

iPhone testOk, iPhone stocks are dwindling fast. In fact, they are nearly sold out nationwide, and their is a 5-7 day delay from the Apple Store. AT&T’s Mobility CEO is reporting the 3G iPhone is shipping in months. Now, I am convinced that I need a 3G iPhone, but do I really?

If you are wondering if you need all of that speed on the internets, then this week’s web app is for you. Check out iPhone Network Test. This handy web app is perfect for testing the data connection speed of your iPhone on both AT&T’s Edge network as well as its WiFi connection.

To use the web app, simply browse over to http://iphonenetworktest.com. You will see a very nicely designed site with very clear icons. To start the network test, choose “start test”. Your phone will then download a graphic. Your download speed will be timed and displayed. You will then be prompted to report how you are connected to the internet.

If you are like me, your Edge speeds vary in the 98 – 150 kbps range. If I were on a 3G network, I would be seeing speeds 3-4 times faster than that.

I like this application because it helps put my data use in perspective. It also helps me figure out when my download problems are speed related, or when they are site-specific.

Until June, (or whenever the new iPhone lands), I will have to be happy with my speeds. But with the iPhone Network Test, I will know just how fast slow things really are.

iTunes $.99 Movie of the Week

Cheap is cheap right? This week’s $.99 movie is not one of my favorites, but it is only a buck. The movie sale this week is for Soul Plane (Warning iTunes link).  That’s right, this week’s movie is a comedy staring Snoop Dog and Tom Arnold. A buck is pushing it, but it’s much better than paying for it at the theater.

Why just fly when you can soar with soul! An all-star cast, including Tom Arnold, Kevin Hart and hip-hop superstars Method Man and Snoop Dogg, takes to the skies in this “relentlessly raunchy” (The New York Times) comedy about a full-service airline complete with sexy stewardesses, a mack casino and the hottest dance club at 30,000 feet. Departing on its maiden voyage from the all-new Terminal X in Los Angeles, Soul Plane is a raucous ride that gives “fly” a whole new meaning!

Soul Plane is Rated R, and will be on sale from Apr. 01, 2008 – Apr. 08, 2008 I am not sure how long this sale movies are going to keep flowing from the Apple Mothership, but until they stop, enjoy them. I will update you every week on what you can get on the cheap.

What Do You Want in the Next iPhone?

It is no secret that a iPhone hardware revision is in the works.  The only mystery is when it will be released, and what revisions will actually take place.

There is talk of a new data entry method, 3G, and the heated debate on Flash.  What do you want to see in the next hardware?  What would be the next killer feature to make an already great machine even better?


Apple Stores Employ Geniuses – And These Guys Too

Two Apple Store Geniuses employees ex-employees have been accused of stealing a few iPhones. Well, actually, they stole at least 330 iPhones, and there is a possibility that they stole upwards of 700. They turned around and sold these iPhones for over $130,000.

In an age of computerized inventory and real-time product tracking, I wonder what these guys were thinking. I know cell phones are stolen everyday, but the sheer size of this operation is staggering. You just can’t do something like that and expect to get away with it.

To make matters worse, everything, everywhere is under-surveillance. The police have the two master-minds on camera stealing iPhone’s by the caseload. They then turned around and sold them for$429 dollars. The stolen iPhones are then trackable by both the serial number and IMEI number.

Way to go guys. I am very impressed.