Web App Wednesday

Seeqpod on the iPhoneIf I had a nickel for every song in my iTunes library, I would have approximately $102.15, and I would be ripped off because that many songs would actually cost me closer to $2022.57, but I digress.

Needless to say, all of those songs do not fit on my iPhone (they wouldn’t even fit on the new kid on the block). Sometimes I find myself in the situation of wanting a song that I don’t have. Sometimes I get a hankering for some tune that I haven’t heard in a while, or I need a song to prove a point. That’s where a great little application, seeqpod, comes in.

If you are unfamiliar with Seeqpod.com, it is an online service that lets you scour the internets for music that you might want and stream it to your computer. You can’t legally download them, but the music is available to listen to. I have found some great songs that I forgot about, didn’t know about, or otherwise was surprised by on seeqpod.com.

There is also an awesome iPhone specific Web App / interface for the service. The music is converted to a quicktime compatible file as it streams, and you are able to listen to it. This almost opens up your iPhone to a limitless library of music.

In order to listen to seeqpod.com files on your iPhone:

  • Browse to seeqpod.com
  • Tap the search link on the home page.
  • Type in a song title, artist title, or something funky (like cover or remix).
  • In the results page, simply tap the name of a song and listen to your heart’s content.
  • Rinse and repeat if desired (don’t really rinse, that would be silly).

The cool thing about Seeqpod.com is that you can explore and listen to music that you either cannot find or would not look for on iTunes or Amazon. There is some great stuff that is out of print, unique, or simply unreleased (hrrmm. The Beatles anyone?)

I have even gone so far as put seeqpod.com on my Home Screen for easy access. Give Seeqpod a try and let me know what you think about the service.

Flash on the iPhone – It May be Just Around the Corner

FlashFlash on the iPhone is a great idea. In fact, many people have been grumbling about the omission of Flash Support since the iPhone was released.

Well, the scooping bloggers over at Gear Live are reporting that their sources say that Flash support is coming “very, very soon.”   How trust worthy are their sources?  Well, Gear Live is the same blog that scooped Firmware release 1.1.3, so at this point, I am willing to believe them.

Flash support is sorely needed.  Think about it, it would open up the iPhone to a million different games, smooth Jott support, and great steaming video from the different network websites (Lost on the run anyone?).

If the iPhone SDK and Flash support both come this month, than February will go down in iPhone history as a very good month. Cross your fingers!

What Would You Pay for an iPhone – Is a Price Drop Looming?

I bought my phone on release day. That means I have a slew of titles including early adopter, rebate receiver, not-16GB owner etc. Well, if you are in my boat, then the latest iPhone rumor floating around the intertubes might not impress you. If you are one of the uninitiated waiting to buy the world’s greatest phone, then this rumor is right up your alley.


The folks at 9to5Mac are reporting that they have a tip that the 16GB iPhone is dropping in price to $399 within two months, and that my lil’ buddy, the 8GB iPhone, is being phased out like its younger 4GB sibling. If this is true, it means that in one year, my mighty iPhone has gone from $599 to obsolete. I know, I know, that’s technology for you.


Honestly I am ok with this if it happens to be true. I probably won’t be buying a 16GB just yet. Personally, I am waiting for a 3G iPhone to be the “one more thing.” Until then I am content. What about you?

Use Springlets to Speed Things Up

If you would like to speed up calling searching browsing just about everything on you iPhone, then you should check out Springlets.

Springlets are a handy dandy tool that allow you to add special use shortcuts to your iPhone homes creen.  These  shortcuts can be used to speed up searching with Wikipedia, Google and others, you can pre-direct text only sites, and my favorite use – you can create speed dials.  With the speed dial Springlet, I have a whole home screen page dedicated to frequently used phone calls; this is very cool.


These Springlets are awesome for speeding up and automatic repetitive tasks.  This is an essential step to bring the iPhone closer to being the powerful smartphone it was meant to be.  Give Springlets a try and let me know how they work out.

iPhone SDK is Just Weeks Away

The fine bloggers over at TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) are reporting that Apple is probably planning a large announcement in the last week of February. Steve Jobs has been saying for a few months now that the iPhone software development it would be released by “the end of February”. I don’t think it takes a mind reader to see that the end-of-the-month event is probably the SDK release.

That being decided wildly speculated, what are you looking for ASAP in iPhone applications? Personally, I am looking for the following:

  • A real to-do / listmaker
  • Real Notes.app synchronization
  • Back To My Mac style connection to home Mac (without screen-sharing)
  • A real E-Book reader
  • A addiction great game or two.
  • Copy and Paste (I know, that is a function not an application, but I can dream can’t I?)

I know there are some Web Apps that meet some of these needs. In fact, next Wednesday on my weekly Web App Review I am going to review the list maker I use. But Web Apps only give me so much control. For somethings they are great, but for things like to-do’s I really want a local, native application.

What are you looking for from the impending flood of iPhone application developers?

Is the New 16GB iPhone in Your Future?

If you have been kicking around the idea of purchasing a new 16GB iPhone, but were afraid of the ramifications of the purchase on your current ball and chain AT&T Contract, have no fear. Over at iLounge, Charles Starret has received confirmation that everything is OK.

Purchasing a new iPhone will not extend your current contract passed your original date. When you upgrade, your contract will be automatically backdated to the original purchase date. For some of us, we will only have a little over a year and a half till our contract expires.

That being said, is a new iPhone in your future? With the new iTunes video rentals and a pending software development kit release, do you need more space? Make sure to vote below.


Web App Wednesday

A new feature here at the iPhone blog will be a Weekly Web App review piece entitled “Web App Wednesday.” Each week I will take a requested Web App, or a Web App I enjoy and give it a brief review with a a simple 3 upsides – 3 downsides conclusion. If you have a Web App you are interested in me reviewing, send me a quick message.

This weeks Web App Wednesday review:


FrenzicIf you have a mac, and you haven’t played Frenzic than you really don’t know much about the word addiction. Frenzic is a fast-playing, utlra-adictive, tile type game. In the game, you must complete trivial-pursuit pie shaped circles. It is a puzzle game that manages to be unique and fun. If you have a Mac, head over to the fine folks at Iconfactory to get a demo.

Frenzic is also availabe for demo play right on your iPhone. Point Safari to http://frenzic.com/demo. The application will take a few seconds to load depending on your connection speed, but once it does, it plays very quickly and smoothly.

The game is simple. A colored wedge will appear in the center of the screen, and you must touch one of the outlying circles to place that wedge there. You can only move a wedge to an open slot, and if you manage to complete a pie with all wedges of the same color, you will earn an extra-life and potentially a bonus.

This style of gameplay is fantastic on the iPhone. To be honest, I am much better at the iPhone version than I am at the desktop version.

One of the complaints about the iPhone has been the lack of games. The Frenzic web app is much more fun than any game I ever played on my Blackberry. There are a few diamonds out there, and Frenzic is certainly one of them.

How do you Treat Your iPhone Battery?

When I first bought my iPhone, the reality of the battery had me in a panic. I would refuse to charge my iPhone until it was abosoultely necessary. I even went so far as to count my full charge cycles. I wanted that little battery to last as long as possible. It has been ten months now, and I don’t care so much any more.

Part of my neglect is that I received a fancy doc / speaker system for Christmas, and I just enjoy treating my iPhone as Mr. Jobs intended – like an iPod. I also keep a photo-slideshow going on my desk with family photos on it while it is in the dock. It is cheaper to use my iPhone as a high-resolution digital frame instead of buying one.

Consequently, I am sure I am not protecting my battery as much as I used to. I don’t know how many days / weeks / months I am shaving off my battery life, but I am OK with that. The added value of the digital frame and music player is worth it. If my battery melts away before my iPhone is relplaced, I will just have to suck up the replacement fee. That is of course unless iPhone 2.0 comes out before my contract is up.

How often do you charge your battery. Do you keep it charging all the time like I do, or do you let it run out of juice before you waste a precious charge cycle? Sound off in the comments.

New iPhone – 16GB Now Available

This just in – if you haven’t stopped by the Apple store latelynew iPhone, there is a new iPhone on the market. The iPhone now comes in two flavors, an 8GB and 16GB.

Yep, that’s right, for $399, you can get an 8GB iPhone, but for $499, you can have a 16GB iPhone. For those keeping score, the 16GB iPhone is going on sale for $100 less than the original 8GB. My, how they grow up so fast.

I knew this announcement was coming sooner or later, but I had hoped it was later. I was looking for 3g to be in the next iPhone revision in addition to the extra storage space. Oh well.

Will you be going out and getting a new iPhone, or is the one you have just fine for you? For those of you that don’t have an iPhone, is this enough to persuade you to finally join the cool kids on the back of the bus?

Your iPhone is Safer Today

iPhoneThere are a lot of ways to kill yourself using an iPhone. You could try texting while you drive, you could use it to snap inappropriate pictures of some bodybuilder’s wife, or you could get ran over by a semi truck while using it. Thankfully, the Food and Drug Administration has helped us scratch one iPhone death wish off of our list.

It turns out the all of the iPod family, including the dashing iPhone, will not cause electro-magnetic interference with pacemakers. During the study, the researchers found “no interference effects can occur” when your pacemaker and your iPhone get close to eachother.

The jury is still out on whether the cell phone radio in your iPhone can or cannot cause cancer, so you have to decide if you are brave enough to make the call. The fact of the matter is however, that if all you want to do is do a little dance, your heart won’t stop beating.