iPhone conflict of interest


One of the biggest supporters of the iPhone is David Pogue of the NY Times, his column seems to be the definitive source when it comes to all things gadget. A positive review from him can help sell thousands of units and that is a lot of power. However what happens when a reporter takes it upon himself to write a book on a device that he gave a positive review on? Is his honesty called into question because the device’s success will correlate directly to his book sales?

It was big news when David was seen sporting one of the illustrious iPhone’s weeks before launch. This of course gave him a huge advantage over not only his rival reporters but over anyone that was planning on writing a book about every trick and feature. His access essentially gave him a head start on virtually everyone and as a result gave him the opportunity to make a profit if the device was the success it seemed destined to be. Did this slant his review? Was he honest about all the little bugs that he must have come across? Were all the jealous people around him begging to touch or even look at the Jesus Phone corrupt the true vision of the device?

These things are impossible to know but should a reporter with an inside look on a product be able to make money in direct relation to his positive review? One would hope that reporters would have the decency to avoid publicly reviewing a product it intended on making a profit off of. Some might point to the fact that gifts are often given out to reviewers which can help influence the final review of a product. This is a common practice in the motion picture industry, they fly you into a nice city, put you up at a swanky hotel with gift bags and free meals, certainly hoping that this will get that reporter a little more excited about the newest Robin Williams movie. This is also the case in the world of electronics, can one imagine how an opinion of a product might change if a particular company was always letting you keep its top end products? That 50″ Plasma might seem a lot more attractive on your wall than in a press release.

Many things are changing in this information age and with newspapers struggling more than ever some ethical standards are falling by the waste side. I for one trust what Mr Pogue has to say and believe that his newspaper stands for nothing but integrity and the high standards that we all wish everyone lived by.

I am by no means accusing David or anyone else of anything improper but a lot more questions arise when situations like this come into play. Few devices have or will have the impact like the iPhone, I for one hope that in the future the profits will be left to those that don’t review the products.


Apple sued over iPhone battery


A class action lawsuit has been filed over the iPhone battery in a number of aspects. First is the fact that Apple didn’t make customers aware that the battery was not able to be replaced by the user, second was that the battery has a life of 300 charges and that equates to only a year of use which will then cause the owner to spend roughly 20% on a yearly basis to get a replacement that will result in Apple erasing all your data. Third is that unknown to the Plaintiff, and undisclosed to the public, prior to purchase, the iPhone is a sealed unit and that cost of a loaner phone is $29.95 and the battery itself is $80.

This doesn’t sound like a lawsuit that has much merit but this isn’t the kind of news Apple was hoping to get in relation to its already well publicized battery problems. This is a revolutionary device and with all that it has to power, this is not a shock to be hearing of a problem like this on the first version but I cant imagine spending $600 and then hearing you’ll need to spend roughly $120 within the first 18 months.

This is one of the areas that has always been a downside in being an Apple customer, they have notoriously overpriced replacement parts and unlike PC’s they don’t allow open competition. You are already aware of this if you’ve ever had to purchase some extra RAM for your iMac and nearly fainted when you saw the price. When looking around for replacement parts for similar devices I found a huge discrepancies in comparisons to the Jesus Phone.

BlackBerry Curve Battery $44.99 [Link]

T-Mobile MDA $29.99 [Link]

Palm Treo 750 $49.99 [Link]

One of the advantages with the BlackBerry is that all their batteries are compatible, this allows for a nice collection to be amassed the more you upgrade your phone. Hopefully this will be corrected with Mark 2 of the iPhone as other than security issues this seems to be the only real complaint that anyone has had.


iFuntastic for iPhone fanatics


iFuntastic is an iPhone modding GUI. Improvements from the first version include:

A section of the app where changes are posted.
You can rename the app to anything you like.
The home screen can be rearranged and .m4p is now a recognized extension.
Allowing you to add ringtones from anywhere you choose.
Change carrier logos has also been added, as well as the ability to change the icon display order on the home screen.

iFuntastic currently only runs on Intel Macs….sorry Paul Allen Get it here

iPhone Widgets

The iPhone has now been out for awhile and widgets are appearing nearly everyday, some more relevant than others. Below are the most promising of the bunch so far.


SandBox TV

SandBox TV made just for iPhones. Soon the iPhone version of sandboxtv will match all channels on sandboxtv.com


RSS Mixer

Combine up to ten RSS feeds into a new, custom feed that you can easily output to your iPhone.

Link: rssmixer.com



Share your personal videos, privately or publicly.




iTweet.net allows use for Twitter on their iPhone.



Tethering your iPhone


In the past week a number of breakthroughs have emerged on the iPhone but the most exciting of those is the ability to tether you Jesus phone to a laptop in blatant disregard of AT&T terms of service which apparently doesn’t like it when their customers use the services they pay for. Not sure how this would actually violate restrictions that are in place in regards to the actual iPhone device because I would hope that you could do virtually anything you wanted up to and including blending it to generate lots of youtube viewers.

So feel free to stick it to the man with a procedure created by the good folks over at cre.ations.net. The most ironic part of the process is they created the hack on a Windows based laptop and that just has to get Jobs in a hissy fit not seen since he was forced out of running Apple in 1985. Yet its possible he might actually approve of the hack considering he and Wozniak went into business briefly in 1974 to build a device that allowed illicit free long distance calls.

Those same good folks have now added the procedure to do this with a mac and this just might cause some Apple Fan Boys to literally explode in utter delight. So look for slightly soiled mac books and iPhones on Ebay and Craigslist posted there by their next of kin. The same thing might happen to someone actually trying to make this happen as it is complicated and prone to error messages of varying degrees of fubar.

One drawback is that AT&T has a data service that borders on ridiculously slow and might as well have that irritating modem sound associated with to alert anyone that a website might need quite some time to load, which might remind people of surfing on the iPhone. One of course one could turn off pictures and animations on their browser settings to allow for faster load times and an overall more pleasant surfing experience.

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Boy Genius Story


The day which will live in wireless infamy


This is the day that so many people have been waiting for, its Christmas for grownups and everything has a $599 price tag on it. If you were one of the lucky 270,000 that were able to snag this thing of beauty than you are the subject of envious looks, audible gasps, and maybe even a standing ovation by Apple Store employees. One thing can be said, if people applauded me every time I bought an expensive toy, I would have more standing O’s than Cal Ripken and the Rolling Stones combined. For the lucky iPhone owners out there get ready for a barrage of tips, tricks and hacks that will make the Jesus phone even better than advertised.