What is the iPhone Nano?

iphonenano.jpgIf you have been tracking the internets, then you are aware of the rumors regarding the iPhone Nano.  It seems iPhone case manufacturers across the globe are teasing and prepping protective cases for the mythical iPhone Nano.  But, what is it?

Is the iPhone not small enough?  Would it be good to have an iPhone with limited capabilities?  I am assuming that the iPhone Nano would be an iPod, run a basic internet browser, maps, and address book.  I think something would have to give… many of the applications would not work out so well, and the GPS would have to go.  Would it be worth it?

I think there is some substance to the rumors, after all, it is the case developers that released the first specs on the iPhone 3G.  Personally, I do not like the Nano concept.  If anything, I would prefer an iPhone Grande – a tablet iPhone if you will.

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iPhones Are at WalMart Now

It’s official – WalMart is selling the iPhone.  My favorite phone and yours is selling for $2 under the Apple Store price – that’s $197 for the math impaired.  I honestly don’t know how I feel about this.

I have been an iPhone owner since I purchased the original on the first day it was available.  I remember feeling quite unique in that I had the coolest phone on the planet, and I was one of the very few.  Then the 3G hit the scene, and I was one of the 10 or 12 million people on this planet that had an iPhone. Now that WalMart is on the block, EVERYONE is going to have one.

Does that make the iPhone any less of a phone?  Of course not.  If anything, it helps me now that so many people will have one.  I won’t get robbed or beaten for my iPhone.  Also, developers are going to go nuts now that EVERYONE has an iPhone and the great apps will keep coming.  My being bothered is part of the Apple elitism that Apple Fanboys are always being accused of.

How do you feel about the iPhone at WalMart?  Are you an elitist like me or are you a better person?

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Happy Holidays from the iPhone Blog

image1577096884.jpgIf you are the Christmas celebrating type, then I would love to wish you a Merry Christmas. If not then pray that your holiday is blessed and restful.

I know your list was long with new gadgets and gizmos for your iPhone. I know I am on the lookout for the Kensington iPhone Battery pack. If Santa delivers, I will be sure to get a review up after my travels.

Also Santa, if your reading this, I would love to try out Rolando! Non the less, Happy Holidays!

Blogging on the iPhone

image818213249.jpgThis isn’t do much of a review, but more of a test. You see, I am going in vacation for a week, and I don’t want to take my MacBook with me, so I bought iBlogger from the iTunes store. Here is my first post using it, and it works pretty darn well.

First, iblogger had absolutely no problem with syncing up to the iPhone blog. IBlogger lists a slew of blogging platforms that the editor works with including blogger, WordPress, and MovableType.

Also, creating a new post is very simple. I am forced to type on the portrait keypad, I would much rather be typing on the landscape keyboard, but it is managable. I was even able to take a snapshot with my iPhone camera an include it in the post (and annoy my wife).

I would say that iBlogger works as promised, and is a reasonable live-blogging tool. If you are looking for a piece of software that can sync with many blogging systems, handle some robust editing, and image inserting, give iBlogger a try.

What Would You Pay To Read Minds?

liedetector.jpgIf I told you that you could read minds for a mere $7.99, would you take me up on the offer?  The Agile Lie Detector, [iTunes link] available now at the iTunes Store, will do just that.  It is a lie detector for your iPhone that uses voice analysis and voice stress patterns to determine if someone is telling the truth or not.  Honestly.

Ok, so I had to try it.  After all, I teach middle school students.  A pocket lie detector is like gold to me.  What-do-ya-know, the thing works.  Or at least it worked when I knew the student was lying.  I’ll never know if the other lies that I detected were really lies, or if some of the truths I heard were really lies.  After all, I can’t really read minds.

The Agile Lie Detector works pretty simply.  You load up the software and capture the audio of a truth or lie via the speaker. The lie-meter then grows from green to read if the detectee is lying.  Keep in mind that the software is listed in the entertainment category, not the
your enemy category at the app store.  But if you are looking for a little honest (maybe) fun, give it a try.

Konami is Getting Serious About iPhone Gaming

metal-gear-solid-touch.jpgDo the names Metal Gear Solid or Dance Dance Revolution mean anything to you?  What about Silent Hill?  These are big name titles on a big name system by a big name company.  Could the Apple iPhone be that Tempting?  Apparently.

Konami has announced that those games, plus frogger will soon be available for the iPhone directly from the App Store. The interesting thing here is that Sony has had a death grip on Metal Gear Solid 4, so to see it on another platform is pretty amazing.  Lets hope it is done well.  Personally I am looking forward Silent hill, it is certainly the type of game that would go great with a little touch screen action.

If the iPhone can garner these type of big names, maybe it is really the gaming platform of the future.

Cheap iPhone 3G – Not Free Just $149

Get them while they are hot.  Right now, over at the AT&T store, you can get yourself a refurbished iPhone 3G (8GB) for a mere $149.  That is a great price if you don’t mind the refurb.  They are promised to be in working condition (all returned within the 30 day window), and come with a 90 day or more warranty.  I don’t know where the “or more” part comes from, but you will most likely be safe.

The 16GB unit is running $249.  If you don’t mind taking advantage of someone else’s buyers remorse, then head over to the AT&T store with your credit card.  By the way, I own several Apple products, and they are ALL refurbished.  I have never been disappointed with the quality of a refurbished Mac device.

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Two Worlds Collide – Microsoft and iPhone Sittin’ in a Tree

If you felt the earth shift oddly today, it might have been because Microsoft has released a native application for the Apple iPhone.  That’s right – Microsoft of Windows Mobile fame has released an iPhone application.  What is next, and why is that pig flying?

Sea Dragon Mobile, [warning – iTunes link] an ultra-high resolution image viewing application is both free and available now at the iTunes store.  With Sea Dragon you can view images in the giga-pixel range and zoom into them ridiculously close.  The process is both smooth and quick.  Sea Dragon is also available on PC’s via the Silver Light engine.

I hope this is a harbinger of things to come.  Whether you hate Microsoft or love them, certain things like a native Microsoft Office Mobile version would be nice to have on the iPhone.

via Macrumors.
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Pull My Finger No Longer Pulled from App Store

itunes-1.jpgYes, this is a victory, but I am not sure how glad I am the battle has been won.  If you have been tracking the Apple App store, then you know that one of the largest criticisms has been the capricious way that applications have been approved and denied.  One of the victims of Apple’s whim was “Pull My Finger.”

This gaseous app was denied for what was labeled functionality.  Yes, I admit that a farting application is not that useful, but is a Koi pond or Magic 8 ball any more useful?  What about my pocket light saber?  What does it do?  Well it turns out that “Pull My Finger” was banned, not because of limited functionality, but because it was slightly off-color, and Apple didn’t know what to do with that.

Apple has decided to create a new class (low class?) applications.  And you guessed it – “Pull My Finger” is the vanguard NSFW Apple iPhone Application.  Like I said, a battle has been won, but was it the right hill to die on?

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Copy and Paste (Sort of) Finally

What do you get when you cross the world’s best smartphone with the world’s biggest flaw?  That’s right… the iPhone copy and paste fiasco.  Now, I admit, even I, an Apple iPhone Fanboy, bemoans the oversight of not having a copy and paste function.  There has been a million times that I wanted to clip out of a map or a web page and remember it in a document or email.

A group of web app designers have tried to overcome this problem with a new service – Pastebud.  Unlike other attempts, this one won’t require a jailbreak or fancy programming, but simply a well designed web app.  Here is  Pastebud in action:

[kml_flashembed movie=" http://www.youtube.com/v/_ybh573ZASc" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

As you can see, it only allows a user to copy and paste from Safari to the mail.app, but at least it is a start.  Pastebud should hit the ground running tomorrow and we will see just how well it works.  The good news is that it looks safe and legal.  If you give it a try, let me know how it works in the comments.
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