Sim City iPhone is On Its Way

Sim City iPhoneAny self-respecting video game player, hobbyist, or computer user over 25 knows about the Sim City Series.  You know, those are the games where control freaks like myself can build and destroy empires.  With Sim City, ordinary folks can be as capricious and whimsical as the gods. Now, EA is putting that power at your fingertips – literally.

Set to hit sometime this month (EA isn’t saying when; I don’t blame them with the way Apple manages their timeline), EA is promising iPhone users a full-blown version of Sim City.  EA has said that this will not be Sim City Light, and that it will be on par with Sim City 3000.

I would be shocked if the games was priced anything but $9.99.  I would also be shocked if I didn’t plop down my money for it when it hits the App Store later this month.

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What Do You Do on Your iPhone?

The iPhone is arguably the best smart phone on the market.  It has added to my productivity in many ways, and it has definitely served as a distraction on more than one occasion. GOSHone, a tech-friendly, plain white wrapper rapper has taken iPhone productivity to an all new level.  He filmed a music video on it.

Claming to be the first to do so, GOSHone filmed the music video for his song “newteknoledge“ entirely on his iPhone.  Using a jailbroken phone and a copy of Cycoder, he roamed his part of the world and produced a surprisingly high-quality piece of work.  Check it out below:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

If you like his sound, his whole album is available for free.
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One of the Most Useful iPhone Apps Ever

Have you tried your free iPhone WiFi through Starbucks?  The good news is that it works.  The real good news is that it is free.  The bad news is that it is a major pain in the neck to connect to it.  The process goes like this:

1.    Turn on WiFi
2.    Try to Connect through Safari
3.    Be Denied
4.    Send phone number through web form
5.    Wait for Text message
6.    Link through text message
7.    Retry to connect within a few minutes
8.    Repeat if necessary.

Overall, the process is very clumsy.  More than once, I have missed my text message, or the message I received was no longer valid.  I know I should be grateful for free internet, but to be honest, even free should be useful.  Devicescape’s Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T helps the cumbersome process go much more smoothly.

To use Devicescape’s Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T, all you need to do is:
1.    Download the app
2.    Enter phone number
3.    Connect

See the difference?  I have used Devicescape’s Easy Wi-Fi for about a week now, and it has consistently worked as promised.  If you are interested in the App, then head over to the iTunes store and check it out.

Creative Commons License photo credit: └LUBY┘

Could this Be the New Mac Mini Someday?

Ars Technica has released information on a hidden framework tucked inside of the latest iPhone 2.2 SDK.  Apparently, using the right application hooks, you can push iPhone application output to a television instead of the iPhone screen.  Here is a video documenting their successes with Moto Chaser:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Now, follow me here.  What if you could convince the iPhone to be buddy-budy with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  Then, using cloud computing applications like Google Apps or Evernote, you could use the iPhone for real-life computing needs like word-processesing.  Then, as Ars Technica has already pointed out, you could output your data to a monitor or television.  You could technically have a Pocket-Mac.

Now, all Apple would have to do is beef up the iPhone just a bit to make it as hardy as any run-of-the-mill Netbook running Windows XP or Linux.  You would also have a machine that makes the Current Mac Mini look like a gigantic beast.  Even if that is not the direction that the Apple team is going in, I am sure that someone is thinking about it.  I am excited by the possibilities.

via Macrumors.

Apple iPhone Market Share Grows and Grows

Pick a big number between 1 and 328.  If your number was 327, then you guessed the size of increase of the iPhone’s market share in the smartphone market.  That is not a typo, the i

Phone’s worldwide iPhone market share tripled.  On a worldwide scale, Apple is still lagging behind Nokia and Research in Motion.  Rounding out the top five is HTC and sharp.

If you look specifically of the US, Apple is in a cool second place.  They lag only behind RIM’s Blackberry monster.  I don’t see that trend changing much because the economy’s continued meltdown.  Phone sales will stagnate as money goes away.

In a related note, WalMart might be selling an iPhone for $99 soon.  This looks like it is much more than a rumor because there are training materials floating around.  If WalMart really is selling an iPhone for so cheap, then their market share will likely explode in the US.

via MacWorld

Apple Releases Top App Store Applications

We all love top 10 lists.  Heck, some people have made a career of them.  Well, not to be left out Apple has posted a slew of top 10 App Store Downloads of 2008.  Some of the applications listed are living happily on my iPhone 3G, while others seem a bit silly to me.

The top 10 paid apps overall are:
1. Koi Pond
2. Texas Hold’em
3. Moto Chaser
4. Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
5. Super Monkey Ball
6. Cro-Mag Rally
7. Enigmo
8. Pocket Guitar
9. Recorder
10. iBeer

The top 10 free apps are:
1. Pandora Radio
2. Facebook
3. Tap Tap Revenge
4. Shazam
5. Labyrinth Lite Edition
6. Remote
7. Google Earth
8. Lightsaber Unleashed
9. AIM
10. Urbanspoon

Apple also listed different genre’s of applications in their top 10 lists.  Head over to the App Store [iTunes Link] if you want to see all of the lists.  Personally, my list would of been a bit different. How does your list stack up to mine?

iPhonefan’s top 10 apps:
1. Pandora Radio
2. WootWatch
3. Pageonce
4. midomi
5. Sketches
6. Fieldrunners
7. MobileFiles
8. Lightsaber Unleashed
9. reQall
10. Joost.

via  MobileCrunch.

How The App Store has Changed the iTunes Store

So,  If you track the 99 cent movie rentals at the iTunes store, then you know that this week’s feature is The Fifth Element [iTunes link] .  It is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time.  In fact, I have seen The Fifth Element more than times then any other movie.  Here is the official rundown:

New York cab driver Korben Dallas didn’t mean to be a hero, but he just picked up the kind of fare that only comes along every five thousand years: A perfect beauty, a perfect being, a perfect weapon. Now, together, they must save the world. Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Gary Oldman star in acclaimed director Luc Besson’s outrageous sci-fi adventure, an extravagantly styled tale of good against evil set in an unbelievable twenty-third century world.

JoostSo is it worth renting for a dollar?  Absolutely Nope.  The iPhone is changing a bit thanks to the App Store.  If you haven’t downloaded the Joost [iTunes link] application, do it now.  It is free and allows you to stream video, music videos, and complete feature films for free.  One of the Joost selections is… you guest it… The Fifth Element.

So, why pay a dollar for what you can stream for free? The best part, it is free and legal.  There are several other great films available via Joost including another favorite of mine, “Men in Black.”  Both Joost and the rental of “The Fifth Element” are available via the iTunes store.

10000 iPhone Apps and Counting

iPhone MosaicHappy 10000 day to the Apple Application store.  It is official, this week marks a major milestone for the iPhone Application Market that many doubted.  The fine folks at TapTapTap put this mosaic of all the application icons together to mark this momentous occasion.  10,000 is a big number to be proud of, but I wonder just how many of those are truly useful.

Personally, my favorite apps include: Fieldrunners, Flick Fishing, The Official Geocaching Application, Pandora, Google, Wide Email, WootWatch, and PageOnce.  There are a few others that I use, but that is my must have list.

What about you?  What are your stand out applications; which of the 10,000 would you die without?

The iPhone Weblog is Back!

iPhoneWelcome back to the iPhone Blog.  As you can tell with the post dates, I have taken a slight hiatus.  Fortunately, I had my iPhone with me the whole time to keep me company (unfortunately, I was way out of AT&T’s service area), but I did get a ton of exposure to the app store with my iPhone 3G, and on my original iPhone, I have had a good time with Cydia and the Jailbreak scene.

Now that I am back, things will be rolling right along.  You can be expecting to see Application reviews, peripheral reviews, news, announcements, and of course a flood of Apple rumors.  If there is anything you are looking for in particular, feel free to let me know, and I will do my best.


iTunes $.99 Movie of the Week – Escape Edition

There are things you just cannot escape – death, taxes, iPhone hype. If escaping is your thing, and you are looking for a really good escape, dare I say a great one, then this week’s iTunes $.99 movie is for you.  The Great Escape [warning – iTunes Link] is available for rental this week for less than a buck.

Here is the official description:

In 1943 the Germans opened Stalag Luft North a maximum-security prisoner-of-war camp designed to hold even the craftiest escape artists. In doing so however the Nazis unwittingly assembled the finest escape team in military history-brilliantly portrayed here by Steve McQueen James Garner Charles Bronson and James Coburn-who worked on what became the largest prison breakout ever attempted. One of the most ingenious and suspenseful adventure films of all time “The Great Escape” is a masterful collaboration between director John Sturges (“The Magnificent Seven”) screenwriters James Clavell (“Shogun”) and W.R. Burnett (“Little Caesar”) and composer Elmer Bernstein. Based on a true story “The Great Escape” is epic entertainment.

Get it before it escapes from iTunes (or at least goes up in price).  The Great Escape is available from Jul. 08, 2008 – Jul. 15, 2008.