iPhone News Due on Monday

There are a few juicy Apple tidbits due to be released on Monday during the World Wide Developers Conference.  Steve Jobs will be opening WWDC on Monday, there there is bound to big news.  Among the rumored announcements at this point are the following:

  • Possibility of OS X  for PC installation.
  • OS X 10.5.4 due out within weeks.
  • OS X 10.6 due out within months.
  • .Mac being renamed and rebranded to MobileMe (.me)
  • MacTablet
  • Mac Micro (Think eee pc, just useful)

For the big rumors we care about:

  • iPhone 2.0 Firmware
  • Not one, but two iPhone 2.0 3G hardware revisions.
  • Apple iPhone Application Store
  • Apple iPhone subsidies from carriers

If half of these rumors are true, there is going to be some excitement in Cupertino this summer.  When news breaks (at 11:00 Mountain time on Monday, June 9th) I will bring it to you here.  Have a good weekend bathing in the anticipation!

Web App Wednesday – Stripr On Your iPhone

Now don’t get to excited, I wrote Stripr, not Stripper – there is a difference; this isn’t that kind of web app and this isn’t that kind of website.

What Stripr can do is present various comics (and other RSS feeds and webistes) in a well formated, straight-forward, and iPhone friendly layout. Stripr is geared, as a default, with a selection of comics from both mainstream and not-so-mainstream sources.  If you are looking for a quick Dilbert feed on the run, formated especially for your iPhone, then Stripr is the site for you.

Stripr comes to you from the geniuses over at dBelement, they have a fine collection of iPhone web apps – some I have reviewed before.

Using  Stripr couldn’t be easier; you simply head over to the site and login.  As a default, you will see a collection of comic titles.  When you click a title, the comic will load – preformated for your iPhone viewing pleasure.  At the top of the page, you can switch categories, and at the bottom of the page, you can customize your list and even add new RSS feeds.

Some of you might use the Google Reader for iPhone.  If not, or if you are looking for an alternative to the Google universe, give Stripr a try.  I have been impressed by it.

iTunes $.99 Movie of The Week – Mob Edition

Last week’s $.99 movie was not my taste. Heck, to be honest, I wasn’t even tempted to spend the dollar to check if I might be wrong. If you saw it, let me know if I am wrong, and I will through it in my rental cue. This week’s movie is a different story all together. If you have an extra dollar burning a whole in your pocket today, head over to iTunes and rent The Untouchables (Warning: iTunes Link).

I like the the Mob story, and I love the writing of Mamet. That isn’t all this movie has going for it. It also stars Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. This is a win / win movie for me. Here is the official description:

The critics and public agree. Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables is a must-see masterpiece – glorious fierce larger-than-life depiction of the mob warlord who ruled Prohibition-era Chicago… and the law enforcer who vowed to bring him down. This classic confrontation between good and evil and stars Kevin Costner as federal agent Eliot Ness Robert De Niro as gangland kingpin Al Capone and Sean Connery as Malone the cop who teaches Ness how to beat the mob: shoot fast and shoot first.

If you loved last week’s movie, Ghost World, then maybe The Untouchables isn’t for you. If you didn’t bother with last week’s movie, then head over to iTunes with your dollar and give it a try.

How Much for an iPhone Application?

The Apple SDK has been out for a while, and I just know the happy programming elves are busy working on iPhone magic. Next week, along with the announcement (probably) of the 3G (probably) iPhone, we will get our hands on the promised iPhone application store.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have been pretty happy with a lot of my web apps. If you have been reading Web App Wednesday around here, you would know that there are a ton of applications and many of them are very useful.

The opening of the application store leaves one big question. How much are iPhone applications worth? Songs are $.99, is that the sweet spot for an application? Some Windows Mobile applications run $14.99 – 20.00. Is that the premium for an iPhone application? What do you think should be the going price for iPhone applications? Sound off in the poll below.


Blackberry Up, iPhone Down According to Recent Report

This is all about to change, I just know it, but for now it seems that the iPhone lost a little steam last quarter in the smartphone market. We both know the iPhone is about to be reborn, and with the return of iPhone 2.o, Apple’s market share will surge.

According to the report, published by IDC (a data collection firm), Research In Motion had a bumper quarter. At the same time, the iPhone slipped a bit. RIM’s piece of Apple’s pie rose from 35.1% to 44.5%. Apple slipped from 26.7% to 19.2%.

These numbers don’t represent a crisis for Apple or a boon for RIM, but it does signal that RIM has some fancy hardware and usable software. The 3G iPhone, with the 2.0 firmware, and an amazing application library will Blackberry’s Curvy Pearl.

Web App Wednesday – Day Late Edition

It’s Thursday, I understand.  Web App Wednesday is a day late, and you would be very upset with me except that you forgot what day it is too.  Life gets busy and you don’t have time to get mad about something like this.  There are things to do!

Which is why on this Web App Wednesday Thursday, I thought it would be good to cover noter, a great to do /  list maker application from the fine folks over at dBelement. As a side note, dBelement has a slew of great iPhone apps for you to check out.  I highly recommend a visit.

At any rate, there on a synapse, deep within my mind was a small note regarding Web App Wednesday.  I swore I would remember, but then Wednesday came and went without a whimper and without a Web App review. Had I been using noter, maybe that wouldn’t have happened.

The interface for noter is simple and elegant and well suited for the iPhone. After logging in, or creating an account, you are able to add items to a list, color code them, remove items, and keep things generally organized.  The app is designed simply, and it does its few tasks exceedingly well.  If you choose to become a subscriber, you can sync all of your notes to the dBelement servers for backup.  Subscriptions cost $7 per six months – all in all, a great deal.

If you are reading this on a Thursday, and find yourself surprised that it is in fact not Wednesday, run to noter right away; you need it desperately.  If you are simply looking for a simple list-maker, noter will work as well.

iTunes $.99 Movie of the Week – Ghost World

Have you seen Ghost World (Warning – iTunes link)? It is the $.99 iTunes movie of the week. It is a film based on a graphic novel, and had some pretty good reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes. But before you hear the words “graphic novel” and start thinking Sandman or Sin City, you have to know that this story seems a bit more subdued. After a few weeks of action rentals, we have something a bit more mellow.

Here is the description:

Thora Birch (American Beauty) and Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation) “sneak into your heart and stay there” (Rolling Stone) in this “eerie, masterful movie” (Movieline) from the acclaimed director of Crumb. Co-starring Brad Renfro (Deuces Wild), Illeana Douglas (Stir of Echos) and Steve Buscemi (Fargo) in “the best role of his career” (Movieline), Ghost World is a “smartly strange comedy [that] stands out like the Taj Mahal” (Time)! While their classmates head for college, Enid (Birch) and Rebecca (Johansson) focus their energies on tormenting those around them – from a goofy convenience store clerk (Renfro) to an eccentric art teacher (Douglas). But when they zero in on an oddball loner (Buscemi) looking for Miss Right, their seemingly innocent meddling threatens to shatter one of their hearts not to mention their lifelong friendship.

If you are into this type of movie, give it a shot and let me know what you think. If it is a keeper, I’ll give it a shot, after all, it’s only a buck. I am always looking for something good to pass the time on my iPhone during the commute.  If you want to give it a shot, it is on sale May. 27, 2008 – Jun. 03, 2008.

One of the Coolest iPhone Applications Ever

This video is so cool, it almost speaks for itself. I stumbled upon this over at the Google Earth Blog. It is a proof of concept, tech demo of an Google Earthlike application for the iPhone.

Here is the video:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/_6oqKL2j8eA" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

I am particularly excited by the the tilt control.  I remember when the iPhone first came out, how excited people were when I would demonstrate the cool photo.app.  They would oooh and aaahh as I flicked the pictures around and zoomed in.  Now, that iPhones are everywhere, that magic has lost.

This version of Google Earth brings that magic back.  I am hoping this application is available soon on at the App Store.  Yes, remember the App Store?  It was promised to come in June.  With all of the guessing and rumoring around the hardware, we almost forgot about the software.  After all, my current iPhone will be compatible with most, if not all, of the forthcoming software.  I hope that includes the cool Google Earth.

The iPhone is on Da’ Plane – Da’ Plane

Fantasy IslandWell . . . technically they are on a ship.  To be super-technical, we don’t know if the iPhone is even on the ship.  That’s why I used the Fantasy Island title.  These 3G iPhone rumors are just shy of fantasy.

None the less, Import Genius, a company that tracks the import industry has a blog dedicated to import news (yep, imports), is reporting that Apple has imported 188 crates of “electric computers” since mid March.  This may not sound odd, but the label “electric computers” has never been used by Apple before on customs declarations.  The geniuses at Import Genius did the math and that number of shipping crates could equal over 7 million iPhone units.

They combine the shipping news with dwindling iPhone supply, and the fact that some of these crates are Canada-bound to deduce that these are probably the 3G iPhone.  I would say, since they are geniuses and all, they are probably on to something.  I am not going to be hopping in line anytime soon though.

I am Excited Too, but Seriously

Did you see the newsflash announcing the release date of the 3G iPhone?  No?  Me either.  In fact, while there are rumors, there is no solid or official information.

That little reality hasn’t stopped people from lining up outside New York’s 5th Avenue flagship Apple store. No, this isn’t a prank or a typo.  People are actually already lined up for a phone that has not been announced and might not be available until forever.  It is not just a random die hard or two.  The line is actually 60 or so people deep.

How many of these people are looking for the phone or how many people are trying to get rich off of Ebay?  I understand excitement, but these people seem a bit nuts.