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Sometimes iProducts Are Cool…

… and sometimes they are iPhone ready gloves.  Correct me if I am wrong on these things, but I fail to see how these gloves could actually benefit me or the world.  DOTS, am I missing something?

Here are the specifics.  The gloves cost $20 for wool or $15 for the knit version.  For your hard-earned money, you get a pair of dollar store gloves with little rubber nubs on the finger tips that allow you to manipulate your iPhone in the cold.  I live in Colorado, and it is plenty cold here, but I do not see these gloves as a necessesity.  If it is too cold to have an exposed hand, then it is too cold for your iPhone.

If I did have a need for data in the cold and snow, I have a pair of WalMart knit mittens that cost $4.99 and feature a fingerless gloves with a flip over mitten.  They do the same thing but for a third of the cost.  They would do just fine.

I have to applaud DOTS for the attempt to capitalize on the iTrend, but these gloves are just silly.